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The Master Of The Crystal


When Twilight, Yinergy, and GLN were getting almost miracle results there was one common element. All of the Laminar Crystal they were using to make their products was a specially charged crystal, that was charged by THE MASTER OF THE CRYSTAL. When the miracle results started not seeming so much like a miracle and the results weren't what they use to be, there was another common element. They all had run out of the special charged crystal by THE MASTER OF THE CRYSTAL.
 How many times have you seen a person or company have access to something that could really benefit people, and then they get greedy? They either try to put lower value things in their product to make more of a profit or the energy going into them has nothing to do with helping people. Many times you will see a company or person claiming to have a product to help people. A lot of the times these same people or companies claim that their biggest desire is to help people. Why does it appear so many times that the biggest desire is to increase their bottom line?

 We do not handle MLM products on our site. If you will check out MLM's you will discover that there is a great inflation of price in products. There may be a product that is not a bad product, but the cost of it is very inflated. Why? To pay everyone on the downline or upline or what ever kind of line you want to call it. MLM is a great way to introduce a product by word of mouth. You bring people in, show them this great product that is going to help everyone, and by the way you can make money also. You then have all these people out there mouthing this company line and telling you what a great product this is.

Now why is this a great product? Is it because it really is a good product and use has shown so, or is it a great product because the people at the top of the line tells you so? A really good product shouldn't have to go MLM and sites that only sell MLM products, why is that? Why is it okay or right to charge so much more for a product then should be charged just so everyone on the line can get a piece of it. If it really is about helping people, then help people! Get the price at a fair margin so people can afford the help. We are at a time where it needs to be about truly helping people and giving them true hope that they can believe in.


We have handled Yinergy Oil and Twilight Magic Oil for quite some time. It was something that helped a lot of people. At one time it seemed like there was something almost magic about it. But as so often happens with things that are given to truly help people. When the desire to use it the way it was intended is changed then the magic disappears. What Yinergy Products and Twilight Products we have are products made when the Magic was still there. After what we have is gone we will not offer any more. But so many likes the Yinergy Oil and products that we will keep them up on the site as long as we have some. We take them down as our supply runs out. For those wanting Twilight Products when the Magic was still there the products we have on the site are from that era.


A while ago we come in contact with an uneasy feeling that something just wasn't right. After some research we came to understand the reason for that feeling better. It is because of this understanding that we will not carry any Twilight or Yinergy products after our supply is gone. We will not handle or recommend Evolion or evolion products.


Dr. C. Norman Shealy has stopped handling the Yinergy Products. Here is what is posted on his site:


Discontinuing Yinergy

An explanation of our discontinuing all Yinergy products and relationships

About five years ago Dr. Shealy did some research on some unique products which eventually became known as Yinergy Oil, Gel, crystals, etc. Without our permission or research, people began substituting products called Twilight. We have never had any involvement with Twilight. Unfortunately, in the past months the controversies became strong enough and the product source erratic enough that we have withdrawn from Yinergy products totally. We have asked that our name and that of Dr. C. Norman Shealy be withdrawn from all former Yinergy products and have never given permission to have it associated with Twilight.

We are happy to be handling Dr. Shealy's new products he has produced in place of Yinergy Oil. Dr. Shealy's Biogenics Magnesium Lotion and Dr. Shealy's Biogenics Magnesium Bath Salts. Also the new Dr. Shealy's VigEros. We still handle Dr. Shealy's Youth Formula and Essentials.

 The ONLY products being produced the slow original way,  the best way to make these products that get the best results.   The only products being made using special charged Laminar Crystal by THE MASTER OF THE CRYSTAL is INDIAN HEALING SPRING SACRED WATER and SACRED OIL.This is the crystal that got the great results from the products when there were miracles in the air.


This is what we had on our web site before we stopped handling the products, we will leave it up for the time being.

 Yinergy Oil and Yinergy Products provide so much help in the battle of aging. Anti Aging products created by Dr. C. Norman Shealy and Jim Carter. Dr. Shealy has discovered four techniques for restoring DHEA, the most important human hormone in maintaining health and longevity. Dr. Shealy is an accomplished neurosurgeon and is one of the world's leading experts in pain management; his research has led to several patented techniques for pain relief. According to Norm Shealy, every known illness is associated with a magnesium deficiency and low levels of the hormone DHEA. Aging is directly related to decreases in DHEA and is low or deficient in the vast majority of human beings after the age of 40. It is not wise to take DHEA supplements, however, as they prevent the body from making DHEA. A much healthier way to restore the body's ability to make DHEA naturally is to use "Yinergy". We lose DHEA as we grow older. When we learn to increase DHEA by using Yinergy Products our bodies actually become younger, recapturing the higher levels of health from our youth. Magnesium is the most widely deficient essential nutrient, involved in over 350 enzymes. Deficiency of magnesium is associated with virtually every known disease. Oral magnesium supplements are not easy to assimilate and many take five years or longer to give results.Using Yinergy Products and raise intracellular magnesium and DHEA levels.


The following is from some writings by Jim Carter.

   For over thirty years I have done nothing but attempt to prove to the world, one person at a time, that these products could and should be their friends, the world's largest test is designed so that everyone can have his or her experience and from this experience, reach his or her own deduction.


   The entire idea of regaining one's youth, has been the backbone of myth and legend since the dawn of time.  As we enter the third year of the third millennia, the legend of  The Fountain of Youth" may have become fact, again, at least some of the most prominent of medical researchers, including Dr. C. Norman Shealy, think so.

   The logic that "destructive aging", is the only alternative to life, has never worked for me.  The idea that we were born to die, has offended my higher senses all my life.  The idea of a "vengeful" yet at the same time, obviously "all giving" God never seemed to work either.  If nothing else, man is the "keystone" species of this world and we have proven it by killing off everything that stands in our way or interferes with our will.  Perhaps it is time that we took our place as the leader of life rather than the destroyer of it.  Perhaps it is time that we applied our intuitive logic rather than the destroyer of it.  Perhaps it is time that we applied our intuitive logic rather than compromised it for the sake of intellect, wealth and comfort.  Perhaps it is time that we opened the door to our immortality and stopped reconciling our failure by blaming it on the will of a supreme deity that is obviously immortal, not mortal and compromising.  It is said that we are created in the image of God, perhaps it is time that we looked in the mirror, perhaps it is time that we say what this image has become.

   It was nearly a decade ago, that I began making what are now called the Yinergy/Twilight Products.  I made them for myself and I made them for my comfort.  Without one's "Ease", without the ability to find relief from pain, you will have the "Dis" or opposite of it.

   As in the case with any developing technology, the progression is always expanding and in time if you have the tenacity for the quest you will reach higher and higher understanding of the intent you are seeking.  Everything began with inspiration and everything "was made up by someone in its beginning".

   Over the first decade of my quest, it became clear that there was a message.  Over the second decade, I was given enough information to consider myself to have some semblance of understanding.  Over the third decade,  a huge amount of experimentation and the input of some of the best informed adventurers in the field of life and living, it became clear that I was following an entirely different path than had been explored in the past.  Whether I like it or not, the message that was coming into reality "through my personal desire to live longer and be stronger", was unique to my work, and unique to the world.  Perhaps this is the answer to thousands of years of prayer.  Perhaps it is just time for mankind to grow up and take responsibility for his or her actions.  Whatever the case may be, the closest thing to what I was doing was the quest for the location of the "Fountain of Youth",  and the magical water that restored life to those who had not had the understanding to keep from losing it.

   In order to become young again, you must reestablish regeneration that exceeds degeneration.  You must thin the water of the body to a point where good biological chemistry is possible and you must provide this "newly reorganizing body" with the key ingredients of cellular regeneration.  This was all possible with the configuration of the Yinergy force.

   The human body, or for that matter any living organism, is a rechargeable biological battery and just as is the case with any rechargeable battery, the constituents of that battery must be put in order before it can accept its life giving charge.  Even if you know the magical force that charges the battery of life", you can not expect this energy to accumulate, to charge this battery, if the various aspects of this structure are non-functional.

   It is said that there are two roads to enlightenment, the fast and the slow".  I will say that enlightenment was always yours, if your biological battery was working well, and without this level of  "Ease", all the training in the world will make for naught.

   With the Twilight Products, I believe it is possible to reestablish good biological function, it is possible to find your "Ease".  It will take consistent use of these products over a very long time.  You did not become old overnight and to become young again "day by day" will take about as long as it did to become old.  Granted, if your are becoming young, time is no longer your enemy, but you will have to un-live all the spects of your life that your body iqnored, because you were just going to die anyway.

   On the other hand, if you remove the stored "positive electricity", the "free radicals", that are literally electrocuting you "slowly", and if you replace the polluted, thick and sluggish water of the body so that your chemistry can work as it did in youth, then you can restore the appropriate "charge of Life" and you will see that your beaten body can and will spontaneously begin to unfold, just as a dried and dying leaf does when it gets the water it needs.  



The original Magic Water was, of course, beyond wonderful, but it was only a taste of how good it could be.  I made the first of this liquid thirty years ago.  Simply stated, there is virtually no bio-acceptable moisture in common water.  It is improved dynamically by Twilight’s Precious Prills and made even better with Twilight’s Crystal Cupcake, but even here the result is only a small fraction of truly bio-acceptable moisture.  You would have to make cellular contact with 7500 gallons of common water, 750 gallons of Prill treated water, or 75 gallons of Cupcake treated water to find the bio-acceptable moisture found in a single bottle Twilight’s  Magic Water.  This is the essence of water, the true water of life, and the essential moisture that living organisms require to maintain adequate liquid stasis (cellular moisture).  This Liquid has always been the heart of my work, and this is the “state of the art” of understanding the waters of the world.

Magic Water  -  Only with the unique liquid we call Magic Water are the cells that compose the body kept moist and live.  Twilight's Magic Water is the essential life giving droplets rarely found even in huge quantities of common water.  Magic Water is the essence of life itself and critical to those who wish ultimate wellness.  The mist of life should be sprayed often on the face or other areas of concern to protect and restore the moisture of youthful appearance and to sustain the integrity of a youth filled body.


The Magic Oil that generated endless miracles for thousands of people over the last couple of years was only the tip of the iceberg of age reversal.  Only a minor aspect of the wonder of Magic Oil came from its magnesium content.  Truly, every gallon of sea water contains some six ounces of Magnesium Chloride and just as truly the results of soaking in the sea are as marginal as soaking in common magnesium chloride solutions.  The magic of the Twilight products was always in its energy, the physical force of Love and the catalytic ability of Love to restore the magnesium that everyone already has in order to function.  This was the property of the Love enrichment and as proof I offer the fact that no other substance in history had worked but slightly.  Twilight’s Magic Oil has been kept in the halo effect of the Star Chamber Factory for over a year.  It contains massive amounts of Love, it is really magic.  I do regret that books are always outdated by the time they are published and that science is always years behind innovation. Those who don’t depend on their own experiences and inborn intuitive guides for direction are lost in the haze of confusion.  This is the reason that Twilight based itself in your ever expanding personal experiences; the reason that it continues to be The Worlds Largest Test.


Magic Oil - Regeneration that exceeds degeneration requires the oil like form of magnesium found in living sea water.  Magic oil is an extreme concentrate of the form of magnesium that is the keystone of cellular regeneration.  Magic Oil is the best kept secret in the world, the secret that only the people of Twilight know.  We call it the fountain of youth in a bottle. It is a wonderful food enhancer and a magical dental spray.  Spray on any area of concern as often as desired to enhance vitality and reverse aging.


Dollop Of Love - When you don't have time to soothe and soak in a bath with Magic Oil, apply the Dollop Of Love and rinse.  The Dollop Of Love is also a wonderful healing salve for any area of concern.  The Dollop Of Love also works great as a natural soap, shampoo, conditioner, shaving gel, or after shave. Handle with care; this is truly an adult toy in adult hands, even though it is super fun for children and safe for kids of all ages.


The Star Chamber System

Beginning in 1998, Jim Carter has provided totally unique rejuvenation services to over 1000 people including many notables and top medical researchers. This modern version of the Fountain of Youth is a wonderfully simple, totally non-invasive and profoundly effective method of attacking the causes of destructive aging.

The Star Chamber system goes directly to the core of the destructive aging issue, addressing the keys of cellular regeneration and the aspects of life that have slowed this regeneration to a point where your mirror may no longer be your friend. This system has become known as the “two naps and a bath that reverse aging”. The Star Chamber truly can not be compared with any other approach or modality in the world today.

Phase One

***The Golden Rest***

This adventure begins with a rest on a bed made of a double terminated pyramid shaped, dark purple, gold iodide crystal.




This marvelous little piece of nature is a pure negative ion source and resting on a bed made of millions of these little beauties balances the positive electricity that affects the life of everyone in our modern world. Positive electricity travels under the name of “free radicals” and the only conventional method of removing free radicals is called “anti-oxidants”. Obviously orally taken anti-oxidants can only reach the cells through the blood, a slow process at best. The negative ion effect, the anti-oxidant effect, of resting on this magical bed, impacts every cell in the body instantaneously. As the positive electricity, as the free radicals, are balanced by the massive negative ion effect of The Golden Rest, they exit the body to the atmosphere or migrate into the water of the body, preparing these known enemies of longevity, and undeniable sources of pain, for removal as you enter phase two of the Star Chamber experience. Everyone in pain should experience The Golden Rest at least once, being without pain is euphoric.

Phase Two

***A Pool of Liquid Life***



The Fountain of Youth is the legend of a magical pool of, obviously remarkable, water that supposedly had the power to reverse the damage of age. The real and lingering question is, “did Ponce de Leon actually find this magical place and just fail to realize that it was a process rather than a magic pill?” That there were springs with tremendous restorative properties all over the world in earlier times is a matter of documented fact. Based on the expressed opinion of our clients which include many of the top authorities in alternative restorative practices, Jim Carter has isolated the magical essence of these waters. Our pool is filled with a water-like liquid that is called Magic Water by its discoverer, and “Liquid Love” by many. Rather than making vague and provocative statements, The Star Chamber simply challenges you to have your own experience and be your own proof.

Liquid Life is the essential part of water, the part that is found in the embryonic fluid of both plants and animals, the small fraction that is absorbed and supports the moisture stasis of your body. The Star Chamber follows nature’s design, first removing the impurities from common water and then replacing the energy in that water with the true animating energy of life to produce a pure biologically acceptable, topically absorbable, moisturizing liquid.

We call this energy the “physical force of Love”, and state that in time, the understanding that Love is a real force will dispel the “mystery of Life” and bring the truth of longevity and the vitality of youth into the lives of those who wish to become young again or even better, those who wish to never age.

Magic Water is absorbed by the skin where common water is not. It replaces the common water in the body and that water leaves as perspiration carrying with it all the negative energies and pollution that it contains. Scientifically, contaminated water is sluggish, a poor supporter of good body chemistry and the spawning ground for destructive organisms. Refreshing the water of your body is the way of the Fountain of Youth. In a matter of minutes truly wonderful things can be accomplished in the Pool of Liquid Life. The pool of Liquid Life will be your partner in rejuvenation, if you so desire.

After balancing and ideally removing the absorbed electrical and other energy pollutants, and refreshing the body’s water with the essential water of life, it is time to begin catching up on all those sleepless nights that have been conspirators in stealing your youth. Phase three is the essence of rest.

Phase Three

***Resting in the Cold Fire of Life***



Photo of Energy of Solid Sunshine

The single greatest discovery of the last century has to be the knowledge of the actual, the true, animating force of life and the fact that we know this force by the emotional sensation called Love - that we feel it. The final part of your Star Chamber adventure is to relax while you absorb the Love that supports and revitalizes life - the energy that allows you to Love your Life. The most profound accumulation of this natural vitalizing force takes place around a wonderful mineral that originates in particular snows from unique locations around the world. It was known as Solid Sunshine by the ancients. Jim Carter's Twilight has spent vast amount of time and money gathering this mineral and of course the magic that resides in it. There is really no other way to explain this magical mineral except just to state the fact of its origin. Solid Sunshine is truly a substance that is without comparative in the world, it is unique to the work of The Star Chamber.

Solid Sunshine comes from the most pristine snow in the world, the snow that falls on high mountains, and the energy that accumulates around this marvelous mineral, when it is properly configured, has the power to dynamically alter the character of water into Liquid Life. This same magical effect takes place in foods, especially live foods, juices and even sealed bottles of wine and in the bodies of living organisms, especially humans, when placed near it. This magical effect is undeniable to anyone with the sense of taste, or in the case of more personal application, anyone with a sense of feel.

Regardless of its origin, Solid Sunshine has the remarkable property of accumulating the true life sustaining force at many times the ambient of the world. It is from this force that all life originates and it is this force that holds the hope of true rejuvenation.

Resting on the bed made of a large volume of Solid Sunshine replenishes the life force storehouse of the body. Many state that it comes with the sensation of being held in the arms of God while others have full color three dimensional connections with past loved ones. Your personal experience will of course be unique to you.


The Star Chamber system holds the first real and logical hope for achieving regeneration that exceeds degeneration. This is the true hope of becoming young again and in doing so, escape the pain and suffering of destructive aging.

It is safe to say “that our world is highly charged with electricity, that we absorb this electricity cumulatively and that it causes pain”. It is also safe to say that there is no viable method of dealing with the ramifications of electrical absorption available that is as effective as that offered by The Star Chamber.

The Fountain of Youth may or may not have been real but the healing springs of the world surely were and perhaps to some extent still are. We believe our Pool of Liquid Life would have answered the quest of Ponce de Leon and it is available today for your experience.

Our bed of Solid Sunshine can not be compared to anything else in the world; it simply must be experienced.


Even Though Twilight was known to all, either by word or by common consciousness, only those who recognized the message grasped its truth and stayed the course.  Many of our products were too exotic for all but the most avid adventurer.  They were offered to aid in developing the Teachers of the new Millennia.  Today Twilight has been redesigned to be taken into the lives of all who need the tools of restoration and regeneration and provide the strength that makes the difference between living and surviving.  The future of our exotics will be addressed to the partnership only.  These are the tools of wizards, the tools of teachers.


Turning Up the Light
Some thirty years ago, new information about the facts of life came into the world.  After decades of research and testing this information was introduced openly through Twilight.  Here is the short form:
Love is a real and physical force.  Love is the force that initiates and supports all life.  The more Love you have in your life the happier you will be.  When you had adequate Love in your life you had the vitality and appearance of youth and biological age makes no difference.  The only possible way to regain that youthfulness is to restore the Love to your life and until the person that “Sets Your World Ablaze” shows up or perhaps lights up again, the best alternative, in fact the worlds only Love supplements are the Twilight Products.
Twilight offered the first Love Supplement.  Twilight respected that life is not perfect and that Love is in short supply.  Twilight used the keystones of the physical life, water magnesium, and now vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids and more as the carriers of this Love.  Twilight offers the experience of becoming young again so that you can find the Love of your new and very long life.
Those wishing to keep or regain their vitality and appearance of youth are encouraged to:
Spray your face as often as possible throughout the day with Twilight’s  Magic Water.
Spray the top of your head, face and body in general with Twilight’s  Magic Oil at least once a day.  If it stings it is because you really need it.
Bathe at least twice a week with Twilight’s  Magic Oil Crystals and the “catalyst of living water”.
Apply Twilight’s  Dollop of Love generously all over your body before showering.  Do this at least twice a week whether you bathe or not.
If you are not getting the results you desire, use more and you probably will, remember it took a while to get to where you are.  Even the most miraculous products in the world may take a little time.

                                Twilight 2 Light
The extreme concentrates of life
“For the Waters of the World”
“All these products improve the environment for both people and the planet”
Magic Water is a Catalytic water revitalizer for the human body.
Magic Oil is a Catalytic revitalizer for the Sea Water constituent of Living Cells.

Twilight 2 Light offers products of an ancient science – the science of Love Enrichment. They are the world’s first nutritional sources that are accepted by the skin, literally carried into the body by Love. They are the result of a thirty year quest for the vitality of youth. Refresh your body’s water – provide the broad base of nutrients that your cells need to stay vital without the destruction of digestion - Ease the pain of our hostile environment and restore regeneration that exceeds degeneration. Open the door to the true hope of regaining the vital character of youth - The hope of becoming younger.
This is the proof that life is initiated and animated by Love. These Waters, both thick and thin, work for the same reason that a grandmother’s cooking is a delicacy; she stirs in Love. Grandma’s cooking is proof that Love is a real physical force which we all know to be true.
Isn't Love the only supplement we really need?
“That is the message in these bottles”
Dr. Shealy's YINERGY OIL

Yinergy Oil was named by Dr. C. Norman Shealy and Jim Carter.

The following is from Dr. Shealy's book Holy Water, Sacred Oil, talking about Mr. Carter.

"The Stone"

   About twenty-six years ago a dear friend gave him a unique piece of stone.  In the beginning he thought it was concrete.  He was certain it was man-made and there was no doubt that it was "full of magic."  There was no "owner's manual" and his friend could offer only two clues to its use and power:  "It had a dynamic effect on water and this water had a dynamic effect on plants" and "the secret of this action was Solid Sunshine."  The dynamic effect about water was true and he grew his first tomatoes that had a shelf-life of about six months without refrigeration and could be frozen with damage.  He was certain of this.  The issue of "Solid Sunshine" was another matter that would take nearly eleven years to resolve.

   Jim still did not know what was meant by "solid sunshine" or have any clue as to what made the stones work.  In the early 1980's he broke one of the stones into many pieces and sent them to as many Colleges and testing laboratories as he could get to examine them.  The net result of this exercise was as many different opinions as there were examiners.  Then he talked to people at the Field Museum in Chicago, who said if he would bring in the stones, they would compare them with other artifacts and do a carbon dating.

   Three days in Chicago and Jim was "cooking."  Not only were his stones over 5,000 years old, but they were part of a CLASS OF ARTIFACT that had been found all over the world.  Even more, and this was the big one, the little stones were made of the same material as the "Casing stone" of the Great Pyramid and the ritual founts of the Early Catholic Church.    Jim had been given part of an ancient "solid state" technology that was in use before the "flood of Noah."  Thousands of similar artifacts had been found and the net result was the assumption that 6,000 years ago, people knew how to make very good concrete.  Despite having the makings of a second book, Jim still did not know what "solid sunshine" was or what made the stones work.

   Jim's work location looked right at the San Juan Range.  One very clear day as the sun was setting, Jim noticed a small cloud that seemed to appear from nowhere.  In a matter of a couple of hours, this cloud grew until the whole sky was clouds and in the days that followed this "storm" pounded the Midwest.  A few weeks later it happened again.  This time Jim drove to the location of the forming cloud and on climbing to the top of a relatively small mountain, he found himself looking up at blue sky through a hole in a rotating, and forming storm.  He also found himself standing on a mountain of material that was very similar to his stones.  His stones changed the character of a barrel of water.  What happened when a mountain of this material impacted the water of the atmosphere?  "Well, it was called the San Juan Phenomenon."  Jim had book three but this time he connected the event with its cause.

   The little stones were very similar to concrete, only much stronger.  Scattered in this "concrete-like matrix" was a liminar crystal.  It was the same with the stone of the mountain, only the laminar crystals were much larger.  Here is where it all began to jell.  The crystals of the mountain had the same effect on water as the stone.  He had found the "solid sunshine."  He still did not know how it worked but he did know what was doing the work.

   The impact on water was dynamic.  Contact with what had now become known as "The Crystal" changed the thickness of common water into the character of a very thin Oil.  This altered water not only had a remarkable impact on plant growth, it also was very healing to the skin of people.  Just to give you one example:  The stone or a small amount of "The Crystal" in a swimming pool, even in 110 degree desert sun,prevented those who used the pool from receiving a sunburn, even after eight hours of exposure.  Even more, a person who had been at the lake all day and was burnt to a crisp, would be instantly soothed and totally healed in a matter of minutes from the water in the pool.  This he now called "Crystal Magic Water."

   Eleven years after the gift, Jim had found that the little laminar plates in the magic stone were capable of changing common water into other forms.  The magic of the stone was really the way NATURE DID HER basic business; a law of nature.  Was the missing link in our understanding of nature the fact that WATER CHANGES?  could we have entirely missed the "forest for the trees?"

Did this get your interest?  This is a great book, I have read it four times and am on my fifth reading.  We sell the book in our Seek Products  site.  Click Seek Products and then click books.

   Dr. Shealy is one of my heroes.  He is Founder ot the American Holistic Medical Association, Creator of TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) for pain relief, and discoverer of four techniques for restoration of DHEA, the most important human hormone in maintaining health and longevity.  He is a world-renowned neurosurgeon.


Healthy Youthing
 The Methuselah Promise for Optimal Health and Youthing


I. A Scientific Overview of Longevity

II. Basics for Health and Longevity--attitude, habits, relaxation, resolving emotional issues, spiritual attunement, nutrition, physical exercise

III. Holy Water, Sacred Oil—magnesium and the elixir of lifeIV. Sacred Energetic Rings

Fire---DHEA Enhancement for Health and Youth

Air---Neurotensin for Intuition/Holographic Consciousness
Water---Aldosterone Optimization for water/mineral metabolism

Earth---Calcitonin for strong bones and physical vitality

Crystal---Free Radical Reduction for regeneration, rejuvenation, anti-aging

We know that the average life expectancy is significantly lowered by smoking, obesity, inactivity, drugs and alcohol. Without these scourges, average life expectancy would probably be 100 years. DHEA deficiency is found in every disease. We know that fractured hips are a major factor in premature death of the elderly. And Free Radicals appear to be major contributors to aging and death.

There are four NATURAL methods for rejuvenating DHEA,the primary youth and health hormone. With optimal DHEA, Calcitonin and low Free Radicals, life expectancy should be at least 140 years, healthily!

This one day workshop emphasizes practical, personal approaches to regeneration and rejuvenation.

Presenter: C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D. President of Holos University Graduate Seminary. Founding President of American Holistic Medical Association.

A neurosurgeon who created the first comprehensive clinic for pain and stress management. Developer of TENS. Author of over 280 publications and 21 books, including SACRED HEALING; 90 DAYS TO STRESS-FREE LIVING; MIRACLES DO HAPPEN; and CREATION OF HEALTH with Dr. Caroline Myss.



Norman Shealy is one of the world's leading experts in pain management.  He was among the first physicians ever to specialize in the resolution of chronic pain.  A pioneer in developing safe and effective treatments such as Biogenics®, he founded, in 1971, the first comprehensive pain and stress management facility in the country, The Shealy Institute, respected world-wide for its innovative and successful rehabilitation approaches.  Over the years, Dr. Shealy's intensive pain and stress management research has resulted in numerous pioneering treatments.  His published works total over 275.  His seminars and workshops are given worldwide, and attended by physicians and lay persons alike.  He has acted as consultant to leaders in every specialty, including the personal physicians of President's Kennedy and   Eisenhower.

The noted English physician Dr. Francis Peabody said "The secret of the care of the patient is in caring for the patient."  Dr. Shealy has long adhered to this philosophy.  While still in medical school, he once commented to a friend, "The most common symptom  among humans is pain, but nobody seems to specialize in treatment of this symptom."  From there, he went on to establish the Shealy Institute, a center for the treatment and research of chronic pain.  This medical center has become world renown for its foresighted therapies and treatments.  Dr. Shealy, now retired from clinical services, continues his research and teaching, and shares his concerns for patients and the medical profession alike with anyone who would enjoy his insight.  like Francis Peabody a century ago, Norm Shealy says today that "while the science of medicine is indispensable to the physician, it is the art of practicing medicine that heals the human body and soul."

His contributions include:

Dorsal Column Stimulation - The control of pain by electrically stimulating the dorsal column of the spinal cord.

Facet Rhizotomy - The permanent, safe numbing of an irritating spinal joint nerve.

Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, TENS - Pain control through gentle electrical stimulation.

Biogenics® - The revolutionary self-regulation technique which helps one achieve physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

Five Sacred Rings - Energetic circuits which specificially optimize DHEA, Neurotensin, Beta-Endorphin, Aldosterone and markedly reduce Free Radicals.

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